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Common Medications

Duration E-Learn
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Unit Standard 29324



This unit standard is part of the suite (of four) NZQA level 3 unit standards in the Emergency Care First Response domain.

These unit standards are for emergency care first responders and are designed to train people to provide advanced level first aid in emergency situations.

US 29324 covers common medications relevant to the emergency care first response context.

Course Objectives

After the successful completion of this online course, trainees will be able to explain:

  • Common medications in terms of when and how they should and should not be used, and dosages.
  • Administration of common medications in accordance with organisational procedures.

Entry Requirements

Applicants must have achieved unit standard 29321: Provide basic emergency care or demonstrate equivalent knowledge and skills.

Our Teaching Method

Delivery via e-learning with support from an experienced trainer.

For the best e-learning experience, we recommend using a laptop or tablet with a strong internet connection. While smartphones can be used, please note that the course content and assessment format may work optimally on larger screens. 

If you opt for using your smartphone, consider downloading the Moodle App for a more user-friendly interface. 
When configuring the app, set the website to

Who Should Attend

People who have or are intending to complete unit standard 29321 and are wishing to achieve the other level 3 NZQA unit standards in the first responder field.

Special Note

The achievement of unit standard 29322, in addition to 29321 and 29324 (which can be achieved through VHNZ), is mandatory for candidates for the NZ Resuscitation Council (Whakahauora Aotearoa) Emergency Care Instructor (ECI) certificate.

Unit standards

Demonstrate understanding of the use of common medications relevant to the emergency care first response context.

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