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Trades and

MIchelle Website 3 lighter

Michelle Kesha

National Programmes and Apprenticeships Manager

Marcia Hintz Profile

Marcia Hintz

Industry Manager

VH Tauriko Workshops 340 of 422

Conor Higgins

Training Advisor - Auckland

Mark Powley Profile

Mark Powley

Training Advisor - Auckland

Fonua Maka Profile

Fonua Maka

Training Advisor - Auckland

Jamie Lakisa Industrial TA shot

Jamie Lakisa

Training Advisor - Bay of Plenty

Adan Te Huia Profile

Adan Te Huia

Training Advisor - Waikato

Tony Boyd Profile

Tony Boyd

Training Advisor - Waikato

Pat Hokianga Profile

Pat Hokianga

Training Advisor - Lower North Island, Hawkes Bay and Gisborne

Vinny Mutingwende Profile

Vinny Mutingwende

Training Advisor - Lower North Island

Hayley Paki Profile 2

Hayley Paki

Training Advisor - Lower North Island

Mark Handley Profile

Mark Handley

Training Advisor - Canterbury and Upper South Island

Leanne Higgins Profile

Leanne Higgins

Training Advisor - Canterbury

Darren Brown Profile

Darren Brown

Training Advisor - Lower South Island

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