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Load Slinging and Communication

Duration 1 day
Price $530.00 ex GST per person
Refresher Duration 6 hours
Refresher Price $370.00 ex GST per person
Unit Standard 3789



People who attend this course are able to: inspect and evaluate lifting gear, identify hazards; prepare and sling regular loads; and communicate during crane operations. This course ensures your company is legislatively compliant. The trainees will have met the minimum requirements under the Health and Safety Act, and your staff will have been made aware of the relevant Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) and guidelines relevant to load slinging and communicating during crane operations.

Course Overview

Both theory and practical lessons covering the following:

  • Health and safety legislative requirements.
  • Lifting gear is inspected and evaluated in accordance with the PCA Crane Safety Manual for Operators/Users, the HSE Act Codes of Practice, and company procedures.
  • The care, use and maintenance of the lifting equipment.
  • Packing and dunnage are selected and applied to crane lift situations.
  • The lift plan is confirmed with the people involved and people in the area.
  • Hazards from swinging and spinning loads are identified, and controls are put in place in accordance with organisational procedures.
  • Hand signals for cranes and lifting appliances are used in accordance with the PCA Crane Safety Manual for Operators/ Users.
  • Audible communication is carried out in accordance with the relevant HSE Act Codes of Practice, PCA Crane Safety Manual for Operators/Users, and company procedures.
  • Crane movements are directed to minimise risks in accordance with company procedures.
  • Sling and lift regular loads.

Entry Criteria

It is recommended that trainees have at least three months experience working in a crane workplace before attending the course. Trainees may attend the course without this experience but may be required to work for three months in a crane workplace before being awarded the unit standard.


Unit Standard 30072 - Demonstrate and apply knowledge of slinging regular loads safely.

Special Note

To complete this Unit Standard evidence is required of a minimum of 40 verified lifts (slinging and directing of load) with at least 6 variations of lifting operations (site, crane, loads, and communications methods).

NOTE: Pendant-controlled and cab-controlled overhead cranes cannot be used for this purpose.

Unit 3789 is a pre-requisite for the following units and courses:

  • 3801 - Prepare and sling complex loads.
  • 24511 - Non-slewing articulated crane.
  • 3795 - Mobile Crane.

Attendance Numbers

Minimum: 5

Maximum: 6


Refreshing learning outcomes above for unit standard 3789

$370 excl. GST per person

Min: 6
Max: 10

6 Hours

*Unit Standards will not be awarded on completion of a Refreshers course. Please see here for further detail.

Unit standards

Sling regular loads and communicate during crane operations

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