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Business Awards Crew Cropped
15.11.21    |  

Tauranga Business Awards 2021

On Friday 12th November, VHNZ had the privilege of presenting the Workplace Safety Award at the annual Tauranga Business Awards, hosted at Farmer Autovillage Mt Maunganui. 

As part of the judging panel for this category of the competition, VH's Keith Barnett (Health, Safety and Training Advisor) got to delve deep into each of the entrants workplace safety practices and procedures. 

The Criteria for the Workplace Safety Award was: 
Recognises a business that demonstrates excellence in workplace health and safety practices, and that has successfully integrated these into its operation. A positive safety culture exists at all levels within the business. 

There were three finalists in this category, and based on the above criteria the Workplace Safety Award goes to, (insert drum roll here!)…


JNP Aviation
JNP showed a huge commitment to safety across their whole operation, from top to bottom and back again. Their work in an industry with such high safety standards and expectations is exemplified and furthered through the establishment of a market leading training school that sets them apart from their competitors and raises the safety bar within their industry. It is this, along with their excellent safety record and investment in the safety and development of their people, that for us makes them worthy winners of the award.


ISO are recognised as highly commended for their commitment to innovation, investing heavily in people, resources, and technology, to create a safer workplace for their staff, and others, in what is traditionally a very hazardous work environment. This was clearly evidenced in the innovative approach taken to log processing at the Port of Tauranga, using technology to effectively eliminate the need for staff to perform specific high-risk work. 


Skydive Tauranga 
Skydive Tauranga are very passionate about their business and, are recognised for the effort and innovation they are putting into place in order to make their industry as safe as it can be, given the high-risk, no second chances nature of their work. Their approach to safety is, as you would expect, very clinical and precise, making use of a bespoke software solution to manage risk throughout the business.

A huge congratulations to the above winners, and to all participants in this years competition! A special shout out to LawVu also, who took out the overall business of the year award for 2021!

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