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IRATA Rope Access Course


Rope access is an integral access method for many New Zealand industries including the oil, gas, and wind industries, in a wide range of repair, maintenance, and inspection work. Being able to do this quickly and safely is imperative to the smooth operations of a great many businesses, which is where VHNZ’s IRATA Rope Access Course comes in. 

The IRATA Rope Access course developed by the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) over the last 25 years has become Internationally recognised and is the chosen means of access for multiple sectors. Through a standardised training programme worldwide, IRATA is able to ensure the high standards of its technicians along with the promotion of continual improvements to its education and training. 

The rope access technique developed by IRATA is used in a wide range of repair, maintenance, inspection and access work. Rope access methodology boasts an unrivalled safety record, short set-up and dismantling time, positive environmental benefits and removes the need for invasive access equipment or disruption to a worksite. 


What is IRATA? 

IRATA is the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association that was formed in the UK in the late 1980’s, to solve maintenance challenges in the offshore oil and gas industry. Its formation was the result of an initiative of a number of leading companies, who had begun to use industrial rope access techniques, to provide a safe working environment for the industry. 

IRATA is now recognised as the world’s leading authority on industrial rope access. It has over 570 member companies around the world and has trained in excess of 130,000 rope access Technicians worldwide. IRATA directs and regulates, through its members, the training of all workers seeking its qualifications. These member companies provide training, operational services, or both. 


What does an IRATA certification mean? 

IRATA certified qualifications are recognised globally. They are ‘the’ benchmarked highest standard qualification for rope access. 

IRATA qualifications are based on the Training, Assessment and Certification Scheme (TACS) document, following levels set and maintained by the association. They are dependent on both technical skills, theoretical knowledge, and workplace experience. As such, they provide prescribed levels of ability for technicians to achieve. 

IRATA International ensures a safe system of work and encourages career progression for rope access technicians. Each technician is required to re-certify every three years in order to demonstrate they maintain the necessary abilities in order to work safely. Technicians may also progress through three levels as time, experience and training allow; each demanding a greater knowledge of the rope access skills necessary at the worksite. 


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