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eer review 2021 v2
24.09.21    |  

EER 2021

Vertical Horizonz is incredibly proud to announce that once again, we have achieved a Category One rating from our July 2021 External Evaluation and Review, undertaken by NZQA.

Through the EER process, NZQA checks and reports on the quality of education delivered by non-university tertiary education organisations (TEOs).

EER provides an independent judgement on the educational performance and capability in self-assessment of the TEO under review.

Every EER results in a report which records NZQA’s level of confidence in educational performance and its capability in self-assessment.

“Having been involved in EERs in 2013, 2017 and now 2021, I felt this year was our most comprehensive audit. It is great to have once again achieved Category One status ” says Ben Johnstone (CEO).

“Furthermore, we have not just maintained our standards, we have improved them. Across every criterion, we achieved an Excellent rating”.

The results and feedback of the review demonstrates the hard work and commitment our team contributes to the quality of our training delivery and the relationships we hold with all our clients.

View the full EER Report document here.

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