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Daffodil Day Collage
25.08.23    |  

Daffodil Day at VHNZ

Celebrating Te Rā Daffodil (Daffodil Day) at VH.

Across our center's and offices, VH recognised the importance of Daffodil Day in NZ. We had shared kai, adorned our offices in yellow, made paper daffodils, and we also purchased fresh daffodils from The Cancer Society of New Zealand.

Cancer has most likely affected all of us in some way, and being able to support Daffodil Day is really special to us, as it's a cause which is close to so many of our heart's. Days like this can be confronting, but today as a whānau we were able to come together and recognise, remember and think of our loved ones who have been or are currently affected by cancer.

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