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Pre Trade Collage
29.08.23    |  

BOP Pre-Trade Graduation

Meet some of the awesome BOP crew that just graduated with their Certificate in Construction Pre-Trade (High Work) Level 3! It's an honor to celebrate the results of the hard mahi that goes into these programmes, so a huge congrats to all our trainees on their achievement last Friday!

Above images:
1 - Bodean Peters (Tupu Services) opening karakia
2 - Ed and Klayva (Tauranga Scaffolding)
3 - Nate and Pedro (Euro Scaffolding)
4 - Lloyd (VHNZ), Ben (Scaffold Systems) and Bodean Peters (Tupu Services)

With support from the likes of Scaffold Systems NZ Ltd, Tauranga Scaffolding Ltd, Euro Scaffolds, and Tupu Services, we are stoked to be able to make ceremonies such as this happen, and we look forward to supporting other organisations through any future programmes.

This particular course is run in blocks over a 12 week period, and.. it's currently funded! So if you're a fan of heights and think you might like to make a career of it up there, then this course could also be for you!

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