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Apprenticeship training is a longer-term, on-the-job, training scheme that on completion sees you qualified with a specific trade. You can sign up through Te Pūkenga or a Transitional Industry Training Organisations (TITO).
VHNZ partners with either Te Pūkenga or the following TITOs to train you in off-the-job aspects of your apprenticeship.

Te Pūkenga and TITOs are part of New Zealand’s tertiary education sector, along with universities, polytechnics and wānanga. They work almost exclusively with people who are learning a trade or skill on-the-job. These people are either apprentices or trainees.
There are two main components to your training as an apprentice:

On-job learning

This is the practical learning side of your apprenticeship where you get assessed on the tasks you do at work. A supervisor will teach you how to do things and make sure you learn how to do them correctly. You submit assessment sheets and evidence that prove you can do these tasks, and this will give you credits towards your qualification.

Off-job learning

This is where VHNZ comes into play. We look after the side of your apprenticeship where you’ll learn important theory and practical experience in a structured learning environment away from your workplace. Our trainers are experienced and work hard to offer you a training experience that is hands-on and relevant to your workplace. The training will usually take place at one of the VHNZ training centres which are purpose built for your training needs.

VHNZ delivers this off-job training for the following Apprenticeships:

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