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19.04.23    |  

Paul the roofing master

ARDEX, manufacturers and importers of waterproofing and roofing membranes recently wrote this profile about one of our South Island trainers, Paul, in their newsletter.

“Paul Stanley-Boden is a skilled trainer for Vertical Horizons, training approximately 100 membrane apprentices each year as part of the New Zealand Certificate in Roofing, with ARDEX providing materials, modules, and our facilities for apprentices.

Paul is a seasoned professional in the roofing membrane industry with over 25 years of experience running his own business. Paul is also the Vice President of the Roofing Association of New Zealand (RANZ) and Director of Education, helping to ensure that industry standards are met for apprentices and students alike. Paul comments, “what makes ARDEX special is their approach to quality training and dedication to improving industry standards”.

Paul has a lot of confidence in the membrane industry and believes it is headed on a positive trajectory. Most students that Paul sees come through the apprenticeship programme are highly engaged, motivated, and enjoy what they do, making it a fulfilling career path.”

Well done Paul, it's such a privilege to have you on the team! Now what is roofing membrane I hear you ask?

Roofing membrane is a type of roofing system typically used on buildings with very low pitched roofs, <5o.  It is a fully sealed system so may be considered a single, monolithic watertight unit.  This property also makes membranes suitable for pond and reservoir liners. .. and, of course, green or warm roofs.

It is used to create a watertight covering to protect the interior of a building. Membrane roofs are most commonly made from butyl rubber (thermoset), TPO , KEE or PVC etc (thermoplastics), modified bitumen or liquids such as silicone, acrylics, butyl, polyurethane and others.

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