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27.09.23    |  

Global Risk Consulting Group and Vertical Horizonz announce partnership

Enterprise risk management company Global Risk Consulting (GRC) Group and leading private training establishment Vertical Horizonz (VHNZ) have announced a partnership to engage in consultation to improve the standards of security, crisis management and resilience training throughout New Zealand.

GRC Group is a international consultancy and technology group focused on delivering risk management across a range of disciplines including security, cyber, health, emergency-crisis, natural disaster, terrorism and violent extremism, critical infrastructure and climate change risk management

VHNZ is a long-standing private training establishment (PTE) historically focussing on safety and compliance-based training. As well as face-to-face delivery, VHNZ also develops and delivers online learning and vocational trades training.

Ben Johnstone, CEO of VHNZ, sees the partnership between the companies as a natural fit, saying “GRC Group and VHNZ share many common values and are both industry leaders in what they do. We are looking forward to supporting GRC Group and the security industry, risk management and emergency management sector in New Zealand in their goal of improving the standards of training across the motu."

Chris Kumeroa, Managing Director of GRC Group echos this saying "It’s imperative that we find likeminded folk and organisations that place New Zealand’s safety of people, assets and information at the heart of what we do and deliver on. Having aligned values and a shared history, helps to path the way for a healthy and enduring relationship that serves both the nation and our international client base."

You can find out more about Global Risk Consulting Group here: GRC – Global Risk Consulting


Left, Ben Johnstone, CEO of Vertical Horizonz
Right, Chris Kumeroa, Director of Global Risk Consulting

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