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07.12.17    |  

Site Safe Card Renewal now included in our Low Level Scaffold Courses

The Vertical Horizonz Low Level Scaffold course (as well as MEWP and Confined Space courses) now include the option for trainees to renew their Site Safe Passport.

The process for trainees is simple, holders of a Site Safe Passport can tick a box provided on the Vertical Horizonz Confined Space, Low Level Scaffold and MEWP courses to have their Passport renewed without having to attend a Site Safe Course.  

This arrangement is part of a wider agreement between Site Safe and Vertical Horizonz to work together to improve access to resources, training and qualifications. 

Bookings for in house or public courses can be made via our offices on 0800 72 33 848 or online at www.vhnztraining.co.nz

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