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working with your teenager to select the right vocational pathway v2
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Working with your teenager to select the right Vocational Pathway

Research shows that the two main influences on subject choice are what your friends are taking and who is teaching a particular subject. Neither of these should influence your subject choice. Concentrate on choosing what you need for your future.

To help with this process the Ministry of Education have joined with employers to create pathways which will help you see how your learning and achievement will be valued in the 'real world' when you look for a job and start your career.

By achieving enough credits from the standards recommended by the sector, you can have your vocational pathway recognised; this makes it easy for employers to see if you have the strengths and abilities they are looking for. If you are aiming for a career in a particular sector, the pathway helps you to see what subjects and standards you should do to get where you want to go.

If you haven't decided, but are thinking about the future, the pathways can help you see how your strengths and interests match up to an amazing range of jobs and study options out there. You can use the Vocational Pathways to see where and how your learning relates to study options and employment opportunities.

You can discuss your choices with your teachers, dean, careers advisor and family/whanau. It is recommended that you take the time to plan out your whole course of study for years 11-13 so that you know where you are heading, and what you need to get there.



Primary Industries

'I enjoy being outdoors and working on the farm'

About the sector

There is a huge range of diversity and jobs from hands-on to science or business roles and a lot of opportunities to learn new roles

You can work indoors or outdoors, alone or with mates. You could be in a processing plant, turning primary produce into value-added goods for export. You might work far from the farm in a big city office, organising shipping, or developing new markets. If you're into science and technology, you may be contributing to the next leading agriculture breakthrough or new consumer product.

You'll be contributing to an important and sustainable sector that's one of New Zealand's biggest employers and exporter. Whether you're from a rural background or a townie, there's something here for you.

Types of jobs for this Vocational Pathway include:

Biochemist, Farm worker, Fishery Officer, Food technologist, Hunter/trapper, Production Manager, Vet, Winemaker …and more

Service Industry

'Seeing people enjoy something I have made is the best feeling'

About the sector

It's a great sector for young people. If you enjoy working with people you'll get a kick out of it.

Good communication and presentation skills are important. Working in teams and dealing with people means you'll need to speak and listen well to others and relate to people from all walks of life. You'll also be able to pay attention to detail. Knowledge of New Zealand and local culture and heritage is a real asset.

With skills from this sector you can work and travel the world.

Types of jobs for this Vocational Pathway include:

Chef, Army Soldier, Accountant, Events Manager, Hairdresser, Journalist, Purchasing Officer, Sales Rep …and more

Social and Community Services

'I want to make a real difference for people'

About the sector

This sector is all about caring for people and keeping them safe. It can be exciting, personally rewarding, physically and emotionally demanding.

The range of jobs is huge, from monitoring and protecting people and property, (correction, defence, or firefighting) to caring for people in need (healthcare, community and social work, medicine or therapy). You will be dealing with people from all ages and walks of life, and there will be times where you'll find yourself in fast-changing, challenging situations, where you may have to make quick decisions under pressure.

Types of jobs for this Vocational Pathway include:

Health Services Manager, Ambulance Officer, Firefighter, Lab Technician, Midwife, Police Officer, Security Guard, Teacher …and more

Manufacturing and Technology

'I want to create things that move'

About the Sector

From hands-on production and assembly to cutting edge research, from massive machines and busy production lines, to individual crafts or computer design.

You will be working with tools, machinery and equipment, or maybe a computer. You could be producing things in their millions, or making or designing individual one-offs. You might be fabricating or maintaining systems, or doing a job involving lots of thinking or planning.

Some roles are really creative; many are methodical, detailed, and precise. Generally in this pathway, there is a very clear end point to the job you are doing and you'll know exactly what part you played in it. You'll be able to say 'I had a hand in that – I changed a life, it couldn't have happened without me.

Types of jobs for this Vocational Pathway include:

Architect, Baker, Boat Builder, Electrician, Engineer, Jeweller, Surveyor, Technician…and more

Construction and Infrastructure

I want to be practical. Building skills will set me up for life'

About the Sector

You will be part of a well-run team that is committed to getting the job done safely and well, to meet the client's specifications. You'll work indoors and outdoors. Often it will be dusty, noisy and the hours may vary. You will move around from site to site, working with lots of different tradespeople, contractors and clients. You will have a variety of different tasks, and use a lot of different tools and types of machinery. The work is physical and active and you will learn by doing.

Types of jobs for this Vocational Pathway include:

Builder, Civil Engineer, Earthworks, Forklift Operator, Interior Designer, Project Manager, Surveyor, Welder…and more

Creative Industries

I'm passionate about design'

About the Sector

You will apply your creative skills and imagination to help people see the world differently.

You will come up with new ideas or variations on existing ones. Sometimes you'll need to analyse problems and come up with solutions, or develop fresh ways to express existing concepts or ideas.

Working in the sector can often call for big picture thinking and attention to detail. Be ready to apply your talents across different fields. You will need to be flexible, adaptable, and resilient and make sure there is always a market or audience for your creations or skills.

You may work independently or in a team to resolve technical, artistic and challenging problems. You can be part of making a real contribution to your community.

Types of jobs for this Vocational Pathway include:

Artist, Graphic Designer, Screen Printer, Actor, Art Director, Technical Manager, Stage/Set Designer, Creative Director…and more.


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