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work safe manager 2016 launch v2
29.02.16    |  

Work Safe Manager 2016 Launch

Work Safe Manager has been developed to provide a down to earth, practical, easy to use and economical solution for New Zealand Health and Safety compliance, to make it a seamless part of the working day; with minimum disruption to your existing work practices, meeting legislative and ACC Audit requirements. 

Work Safe Manager is a specialised product developed by Neil Dobbs, a former National Injury Prevent Consultant for the Department of Labour and leading Health and Safety Practitioner for more than 20 years. First, developed by Neil in 2011, Work Safe Manager Ltd has recently been updated to focus solely on the challenges facing workplace under the Health and Safety at Work Act and upcoming Regulations changes. 

A wide range of Companies already use Health and Safety Systems provided by Neil under a Company called Work Injury Care Ltd, Landcorp New Zealand has based its Farm Safe program on such a system for more than 19 years. Most recently Land Search and Rescue (SAR) New Zealand adopted a Work Safe Manger based program for its more than 6,000 search and rescue volunteers safety.

During the "Rena", New Zealand's worst environmental disaster, Work Safe Manager Systems managed the largest oil clean-up response for Maritime New Zealand's National Oil Response Team. Neil regularly undertakes speaking roles and tutors nationwide in high risk Health and Safety areas, providing training such as asbestos risk management to more than 11,000 Christchurch contractors for Fletcher Earth Quake Recovery (EQR).

Compliant in both New Zealand and Australia, Work Safe Manager have undergone significant changes to meet the requirements of the new Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSW Act) which came into force on the 4th of April this year.

The issue of Persons Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBUs) is addressed in detail with special procedures and packages for engagement of other PCBUs either as a contractor or principal.

Specific documentation and support is given to workers engagement based on regular participation in risk related activities and controls. A safety induction package provides workers an explanation of the workplace management of safety and the training and safety skills assessment processes.

A Significant Risk Register and Safe Operational Procedures (SOPs) provide specific safety measures relating to regular high risk activities and meet NZS 4801 Standards or alternatively integrate your own SOPs based on your existing proven Health and Safety practices that you have been utilising since 1992.

Work Safe Manager offers complete editable SOPs for a wide range of risk activities that provide information on new regulations and accepted industry standards. Documented skill assessment forms are provided for each SOP confirming that unsupervised workers have the skill to work safely when undertaking the associated high risk activity.

Work Safe Manager provides easy to understand workplace risk identification, Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and farm gate or tool box meeting processes to manage day to day safety variations and new work. Each process is supported by simple step by step printed booklets or PDF forms to help workers understand and complete the tasks easily.

Buy online now at www.worksafemanager.co.nz, proceed to the Work Safe Manager Checkout and enter Vertical as your Promotion Sales Code to go into a draw to receive free additional customisation.

For further information contact your Vertical Horizonz Regional Training Manager on 0800 72 33 848 or at info@verticalhorizonz.co.nz or visit the WorkSafe Manager website: https://worksafemanager.nz/ (don't forget to put Vertical Horizonz in the Promotional code and receive an additional 5 Safe work Practices Free).

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