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vertical horizonz now delivering site safe foundation passport v2
01.04.18    |  

Vertical Horizonz now delivering Site Safe Foundation Passport

With Our Powers Combined.....

Vertical Horizonz is honoured to now be delivering the Site Safe Foundation Passport - Building Construction.

Vertical Horizonz and Site Safe have put their heads and hearts together to make the Site Safe Foundation Passport - Building Construction accessible to a wider pool of individuals across the country. This is an exciting step in our partnership aimed at improving access to resources, training and qualifications for those within Industry.

The Foundation Passport introduces key topics including how to keep safe, understanding and controlling risk, as well as basic hazards and legal requirements.

Many construction sites across New Zealand request or require contractors entering their site to hold a Site Safety card (Passport). This shows all workers are trained to a consistent level and have a basic understanding of how to keep themselves safe and know their obligations on site. 

With this initiative and the combined powers of Vertical Horizonz, Site Safe and Industry, health and safety awareness will be improved for more New Zealanders working on site.

For bookings or any questions contact us on 0800 72 33 848 or info@verticalhorizonz.co.nz

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