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04.12.17    |  

Jumping off Bridges for Fun with AJ Hackett Bungy

3….2…..1…. JUMP MASTERS!!


AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand is a leading adventure tourism operator nationally with four Bungy sites in New Zealand - where it all began and six other adrenaline activities. They process over 150,000 activities annually, while providing excellent service with a safety record which is second to none. So, when Vertical Horizonz was approached to assess their latest installment of aspiring AJ Hackett Bungy Jump Masters it was a no brainer! As Height Safety champions we felt fit for the job of assessing people jumping off bridges with cords tied to their ankles.

Not that they needed much help… For 29 years AJ Hackett Bungy have had a 100% safety record and it's their serious approach and due diligence to safety that sees them so successful in this area. For AJ Hackett Bungy NZ health and safety is fundamental to their philosophy of excellence and professionalism in providing bungy jumping services to the public.

Safety requirements for Bungy operations were formalised when NZ Bungy Jumping Federation created a bungy Code of Practice with the assistance of AJ Hackett and co-founder Henry van Asch. Out of this code of practice, as well as listing safety and design requirements, appeared the need for training and the need for a Jump Master.

A Jump Master is an expert with the experience and knowledge needed to oversee all jumps and Jump Operators. It is a requirement that a Jump Master be present at the jump deck for EVERY bungy jump.

Before being eligible to sit the Jump Masters exam an individual must produce evidence of not less than 250 hours, or 1250 jumps, of operation as a Jump Operator in the past three years.

To be registered as a Jump Master, an individual must pass an exam involving written, oral and practical elements. This assessment ensures the Jump Masters have knowledge on AS/NZS 5848:2000 as well as having superior knowledge on the site operating manual and a thorough knowledge of all the practical aspects of a bungy to ensure the public can enjoy the thrills of bungy jump.


Vertical Horizonz became involved after recently training 6 of AJ Hackett Bungy Operators in a National Certificate in Industrial Ropes Access. Through the Vertical Horizonz ISO 9001:2008 accreditation we were able to work with AJ Hackett Bungy to design and create an assessment that meets the Bureau Veritas accreditation requirements for a Jump Master. Bureau Veritas keeps a Jump Masters register.

It was after two days of intense examinations for 6 Jump Operators that Vertical Horizonz could officially sign off and pass the individuals as Jump Masters and have those Jump Masters added to the Bureau Veritas Jump Masters register. As a special thank-you our assessor got thrown off the bridge (safely of course) which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Vertical Horizonz would like to thank AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand for the opportunity to assess the latest 6 Jump Masters and contribute to the safety of 90,000 people jumping off bridges each year.

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