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30.01.18    |  

Storage Requirements under the new Hazardous Substances Regulations

30/01/2018 by Andrew Saunders - HSNO SME

Storage Requirements under the new Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2017

There are significant changes to the storage requirements for hazardous substances under the new Hazardous Substances Regulations.  Where there once was just Test Certificate Locations there are now 'Location Compliance Certificates', PCBU designated 'Hazardous Substance Locations' and/or specified security requirements, dependent of the hazardous substance and/or the amount of hazardous substance. There are now regulations specifying the security and storage of Class 6.1A, 6.1B, 6.1C, 8.2A and 8.2B substances. This is new.


Table 3: Legislated compliance tools

Legislated tools

Storage Requirements

Current under


Location Test Certificate


Future under


Location Compliance Certificate

Hazardous Substance Location

Secured Hazardous Substance


What will this mean for you?

Your current Location Test Certificates will roll over as Certified Locations. From the 1st June 2018 you will need to comply with the new storage requirements for Class 6.1A, 6.1B, 6.1C, 8.2A and 8.2B substances. From the 1st June 2019 you will need to store these substances in a designated hazardous substance location. Compliance certificate requirements for triggering hazardous substance locations comes into force on 1 December 2019.

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