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28.09.22    |  

Mental Health Awareness Week!

This week (26th Sept - 2nd Oct) marks NZ's Mental Health Awareness week! Supported by the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand and Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand, the message is to "RECONNECT - with the people and places that lift you up", suggesting an alternative focus within this concept throughout each of these 7 days.

We at VH are passionate about mental health and wellbeing, both personally and in the workplace...two aspects that go hand in hand!  VH’s Keith Barnett, Dov Morris and Tania Hepi attended the Mentally Healthy Work in Aotearoa New Zealand Conference (hosted by WorkSafe New Zealand) held in Wellington last week, and had some fantastic feedback from the event.

A programme crammed with inspirational speakers, there were many pearls of wisdom shared across a wide range of topics. Worksafes CEO (Phil Parkes) outlined their key priorities of Safe Work; Healthy Work and Equity with further key messages from the speakers and panel as follows: 

"Never forget the individual who is struggling with this" - Phil Parkes (CEO WorkSafe)

"Context is critical. Shift the perspective, see for miles" - Francois Barton (Business Leaders’ H&S forum)

"Being fit for work means both physically and mentally" - Leadership Panel (unattributed)

"Create the workplace/space that people want to work at" - Leadership Panel (unattributed)

"Tikanga trumps compliance. Close practice inequities. Progress not perfection" - Vance Walker (Haumara HS) 

"Innovation doesn’t have to mean searching for a ‘silver bullet’. Innovation can simply mean taking the initiative" - Innovation Panel (unattributed)

"Workplace culture – making it work in practice and for the long haul" - Steph Dyhrberg (Dyhrberg Drayton Employment Law)

Some final food for thought from the Culture Panel - When you ask someone “Are you OK?” Do you have the appetite, time, resources, knowledge, experience, tools, etc. to deal with the response when they respond “No, I’m not OK/This is not OK/That is not OK.” 

Along with publishing a full book named "Mentally Healthy Work in Aotearoa New Zealand", Worksafe have a huge range of online resources termed short essays on important topics

We believe that each of the above messages are intriguing points to ponder, and we encourage everyone to reflect, consider and RECONNECT this week! 
​Visit the Mental Health Awareness Week Website for more information.

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