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helping you meet hazardous substances requirements v2
08.03.18    |  

Helping you meet Hazardous Substances requirements

08/03/2018 by Andrew Saunders - Hazardous Substances SME

The new Hazardous Substances Regulations do offer greater flexibility for the  PCBU. The PCBU who have access to the knowledge and skills to classify the hazardous substances in their workplace, identify the hazards and establish the required controls, will be able to apply for the certification of these controls, Certified Locations and Certified Handlers,  directly from WorkSafe NZ. They can apply for a modification to or exemption from specified controls based on their knowledge and understanding of the hazards in relation to a specific workplace, in the form of a Safe Work Instrument. A ministerial approval will be required to authorise WorkSafe to issue a Safe Work Instrument.

Vertical Horizonz New Zealand (VHNZ) believe, however, very few PCBU have access to this knowledge or skill, or representatives with the time to do this effectively without the risk of non-compliance.

Therefore VHNZ propose to offer their clients the following services in 2018:

  • Training for PCBU representatives to take control of the management, including the emergency management, of the Hazardous Substances, their locations and handling, in their workplace, compliant to the incoming EPA Notices and new WorkSafe NZ Hazardous Substances Regulations;
  • Training for PCBU representatives to establish workplace Hazardous Substances risk management and Emergency Management Plans, and/or provide an external review of these, required every 5 years under the new regulations;
  • Training and evidencing of drills against the workplace Hazardous Substances Emergency Management Response plan, required annually under the new regulations;
  • Training for PCBU representatives to establish Hazardous Substance Locations in preparation for Certification;
  • Training for workplace handlers of Hazardous Substances, and the capture and data basing of the evidence of their competency, as specified in the new regulations;
  • Training for Hazardous Substance Handlers in preparation for Certification; and
  • Introductions to the appropriate 'fit and proper' WorkSafe NZ approved independent certifiers who can certify the locations and handlers VHNZ have assisted you to make compliant to the requirements of the new regulations.
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