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height safety personal protective equipment inspection v2
17.07.16    |  

Height Safety Personal Protective Equipment Inspection



We are excited to introduce our brand NEW Height Safety Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Inspection course. It is the first of its kind in New Zealand.

Due to industry demand we have developed a course that breaks down the highly specialised and complex area of Height Safety PPE to educate and enable workers to take control of PPE inspection and recording. The course will help workers to fully understand manufacturer's instructions and specifications and empower them to reject or repair height safety equipment.





At the successful completion of the course the trainee will be able to demonstrate knowledge of height safety PPE inspection techniques, identify faults and probable causes within various items of height safety PPE. In addition they will be able to design and implement an inspection record database.

Skills Learned

  • Identify manufacturer's maintenance instructions
  • Identify manufacturer's maintenance specifications
  • Reject damaged and/or worn equipment
  • Carry out maintenance procedures in accordance with manufacturers specifications
  • Record equipment in log book
  • Record maintenance procedures in log book

NZQA Unit Standard

19359 Inspect and maintain height safety equipment

Course Duration Trainee Numbers
2 days Minimum 8, Maximum 10

Due to the nature of this course it is highly recommended that the trainee has an understanding of safe working at height, as such a minimum of 23229 Use safety harness system when working at height.

If you or your workers are dealing with Height Safety PPE on site then this practical course will add a valuable skillset to your team.

If you have any questions in regards to this information sheet, please do not hesitate to contact a representative of Vertical Horizonz New Zealand Ltd.

Free Phone: 0800 72 33 848 Email: info@verticalhorizonz.co.nz

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