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health and safety induction cards site safety certainty passports v2
22.08.16    |  

Health and Safety Induction Cards: Site Safety.Certainty Passports


The Vertical Horizonz NZ (VHNZ) Site Safety.Certainty Passports have been created to certify an individual's basic understanding of Workplace Health and Safety in accordance with the new Health and Safety at Work Act. 

Holding a VHNZ Site Safety.Certainty Passport helps an individual to fast-track worksite health and safety inductions as the passport highlights the foundation health and safety knowledge and Unit Standards needed to enter most NZ worksites.
Both the VHNZ Online and Classroom based Site Safety.Certainty Passport inductions cover the responsibilities of employers and employees under the Health and Safety at Work Act, Risk Assessment Procedures, Safe and Unsafe work practices and the principals of Health and Safety in the workplace.

A generic Site Safety.Certainty Passport can be completed online or in-person and a more specialised Construction Site Safety.Certainty Passport is available for people working in building and construction.

ONLINE: Site Safety.Certainty Passport 
Vertical Horizonz, in partnership with Synapsys, offer an ONLINE Site Safety.Certainty Passport which is covered in the following 6 modules:

  • Introduction to Workplace Health and Safety
  • Workplace Health and Safety Requirements
  • Principals of Workplace Safety
  • Demonstrating Safe Work Practices
  • Identifying Hazards and their Effects
  • Controlling Hazards

Unit Standard(s) Achieved:
497 Demonstrate knowledge of workplace health and safety requirements.
Course Duration: Approx 60 – 90 minutes depending on experience
Cost: $120.00 + GST per person

CLASSROOM Site Safety.Certainty Passport
If online courses don't work for you and your workplace you can complete the Site Safety.Certainty Passport through a VHNZ classroom course. The same content is covered but teaching is delivered by a Vertical Horizonz Trainer.

Unit Standard(s) Achieved:
497 Demonstrate knowledge of Workplace Health and Safety Requirements.
Course Duration: 4 hours
Cost: $185.00 + GST per person

CONSTRUCTION Site Safety.Certainty Passport
The Health and Safety requirements for the Construction sector are strict due to high risk environments. The CONSTRUCTION Site Safety.Certainty Passport has been created to certify an individual's knowledge of Health and Safety procedures and their ability to assess risks on a construction/building site. 

Unit Standard(s):
14609 Describe risk factors that contribute to injury on construction sites
21209 Demonstrate knowledge of and carry out health and safety procedures for a building construction site 
Course Duration: 4 hours
Cost : $185.00 + GST Per Person.

Every individual who achieves the necessary Unit Standards for the Site Safety.Certainty Passports will be awarded the Passport in wallet card form to allow for ease of use and display at worksites.

Vertical Horizonz aim to minimise the complexity of on-site Health and Safety inductions, A Site Safety.Certainty Passport saves time and money for clients, customers, employers and employees.

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