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31.01.18    |  

Developing Qualifications for the United Arabic Emirates

30/01/2018 by Chrystall Kerr - Chief Brand Manager

Vertical Horizonz New Zealand (VHNZ) is honoured to be working with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) National Qualifications Authority (NQA) writing and developing National Qualifications for multiple industries in the UAE.
The opportunity eventuated from our training within the Middle East. With expertise in qualification development and an already established training business in Abu Dhabi, VHNZ became the obvious choice for NQA to help pave a National Qualification development project for the nation.

VHNZ sent a team of 5 qualification developers, all with differing industry strengths. The team was put together on 8 days' notice, with VHNZ professionals flying into Abu Dhabi from all over New Zealand and Australia. The VHNZ crew worked alongside 2 other professionals which together created the Unit Standard development team. The team consulted with industry advisory committees and completed 9 occupation functional analyses before writing 234 Unit Standards for NQA. No mean feat for a team of 7 in 7 months.

VHNZ is now sending a new influx of professionals from various industries to Abu Dhabi to complete qualifications development and then start the process again for five other occupation groups on a twelve-month contract. 
The team will develop qualifications for the following industries:

Mechanical, Process and Chemical Engineering
Building and Construction 
Police, Military, Emergency, and Security Services 
Social work and Counselling 
Nursing and Healthcare.

The VHNZ NQA team was lucky enough to receive an office visit from the New Zealand Ambassador where the ambassador could see the first hand New Zealanders in action helping to improve Adult Education and training for the UAE.

VHNZ would like to thank NQA for this opportunity and will continue to provide top tier industry professionals to ensure the qualification development project is a success for the UAE.

Pictured: Vertical Horizonz Director and CEO pictured with the NZ Ambassador and UAE National Qualifications Authority. 

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