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27.11.16    |  

Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS)

After the recent quakes in NZ, we have seen an amazing response from groups like the Search and Rescue Institute New Zealand (SARINZ), Civil Defence, the NZ Army, the NZ Navy and the NZ Air Force as well as help from international forces and local volunteers. It is the training of these teams that allows them to be so effective in an emergency.

For those individuals involved in or interested in emergency response, the SARINZ - Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS) training could be for you.

CIMS training provides the model or structure for the command, control and coordination response to an emergency incident. CIMS is applicable across all types of emergency incidents from a car crash, earthquake, major flooding event, rural fire, influenza outbreak or avalanche rescue.

The course aims to to instill an understanding of the principles, structure and operation of the coordinated incident management system. 
The course consists of the practical component of the course which is usually delivered over four to six hours. The workshop is interactive, encourages students to ask questions and clarify issues and/or knowledge.

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